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    8700-066 MONCARAPACHO
    Bias Norte-Moncarapacho

    Different House, Lda

    Different House, lda is equipped both in the design phase and in the installation phase with qualified and constantly trained professionals to respond to the new requirements of the market.

    Certified Technician in Solar System installations, by the Directorate General of Energy and Geology with Certificate Nº 09 / SOL / 13983.
    Certified Technician in Climatization Invisible by UPONOR installer nº IC93624
    Electromechanical refrigeration and air conditioning TIM III no. TIM02374 ADENE
    License no. 71965, 1st category and 4th category class 1
    Certification by CERTIF in Fluorous Gases nº SAC - 747/2016

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    Phone: 289 798 131