It is a device designed to air the air in a closed environment, keeping its temperature and humidity controlled, maintaining a pleasant and pleasant environment, regardless of the season and climatic conditions

As the climate requires cooling in the summer and heating in the winter, the ideal is to use the models with reverse cycle, that is, that can also be used to warm the environment. Its use guarantees the ideal ambient temperature, producing comfort and well-being.

Always try to buy energy-efficient appliances with environmentally friendly R410-AA refrigerant. Failure to maintain air conditioning systems favors the occurrence of health problems, such as tiredness, dizziness or nausea, coughing and dry skin, difficulty concentrating, migraine and mucosal irritation.

Therefore, it is very important to perform annual preventive maintenance (at least) and clean the filters monthly so that you can enjoy all the benefits that your equipment can provide.


There are two types of solar systems:
- Thermal Solar for heating sanitary waters;
- Photovoltaic solar for the production of electrical energy;

Solar Thermal System is composed of 2 types:

Thermosyphon: The thermal fluid circulates in a natural way, leaving the deposit outside the dwelling. The advantage of this system is that it is more economical to acquire, maintenance is simple and there is no need to consume electrical energy for its operation.
The disadvantage is the aesthetic component and the fact that the deposit is exposed to the elements that will give rise to higher thermal losses in the winter.

Forced Circulation: The thermal fluid circulates through mechanical means (circulator) the deposit is inside the dwelling in the technical zone, The advantage of this system and that has more efficiency, has differential thermostat that controls the circulator at stop and start, aesthetic component More attractive being visible only the collectors abroad, possibility to support the heating (low temperature) of the villa, in the summer possibility of energy dissipation to the pool, the deposit inside has less thermal losses.
The disadvantage is the initial investment that is higher compared to the thermosyphon, in the absence of electrical energy the thermal fluid does not circulate that by prolonged absence the system goes into stagnation, maintenance requires more care soon a little more expensive.

Photovoltaic Solar System and consists of 2 types:
- Isolated production: the electric energy collectedis accumulated in batteries for own consumption.
--Autoconsumption: the electric energy captured is injected directly into your facility for own consumption.

This heating and cooling system is done through the water, powered by a Chiller / Heat Pump.

It may be for radiant floors that have more comfort or for venting convectors that are nothing more than "ventilated radiators fed by hot or cold water".
In this system you have the option of being able to couple solar collectors to reduce the consumption of the heat pump in the winter and for Produce Sanitary Warm Waters, in the summer if there is pool the dissipation of the accumulated energy is made for the same.

The suction is carried out from the sockets that are connected to the central vacuum by special PVC pipes, installed in the floor or false ceilings.

To activate the system, simply insert the suction hose into any outlet and vacuum. These sockets, similar to those of the electrical system, are located at strategic points of the housing. The 9 meter hose offers plenty of mobility and a good cleaning field.

This system is more hygienic and much more powerful (about 2 to 3 times more powerful than a traditional system), it makes your cleaning task more convenient, practical, faster and healthier.

Silence is another important advantage of this system. Due to the fact that the unit is located outside the housing areas, the noise is almost nil.

Main advantages of using this system:

HEALTHY: With a central vacuum system, all the sucked up dust is channeled into a container to prevent the air from being drawn back into the room.

HYGIENIC: The particles, even the thinnest ones, go directly to the central vacuum and are not in the space you are vacuuming, as is the case with the traditional vacuum cleaner, where part of these micro-dust comes out of the air exhaust.

Mites and bacteria do not pollute the ambient atmosphere because they are drawn to the suction central ..

We carry out the maintenance in all the areas that we commercialize, in the domestic, commercial and industrial.


11- I have Central Vacuuming is maintenance required in addition to cleaning the bucket?

Yes it is necessary to replace the filter of the machine every 18 months or if the use is very intensive 12 months. This process avoids strain on the engine by prolonging its life.
It is necessary to check the motor brush periodically.
The tubing (pre-installation) also needs to be cleaned to prevent hair clogging or fluff with an appropriate device.
If you want some additional clarification, use the Contact Us tab. It will be a pleasure to help you..

22- What is galvanic corrosion and what influence does it have on my solar thermal system?

In rough mode galvanic corrosion is a chemical process that occurs in the presence of an electric charge between different materials.
In the solar system there are different types of metals such as Steel and Copper, with Copper being the most noble material, Copper will remove ions from the Steel and hence corrosion.
To avoid this problem the deposits come equipped with a magnesium anode that is the least noble metal of all, being this sacrificed to annul the corrosion of the Steel, thus protecting the life of your deposit avoiding to spend money unnecessarily.

33- What is the periodicity and cost of maintaining a Solar Thermal System?

The maintenance of a solar thermal system is fundamental ensures the durability and operation of the system.
Just like a car without maintenance the system automatically, it loses the Guarantee and the manufacturer declines any responsibility.
Depending on the type of system, thermosyphon or forced circulation is advised maintenance every 18 months due to a chemical process called galvanic corrosion.
The cost of each maintenance will be between € 80 and € 160 depending on the type of system, the amount of thermal fluid and Magnesium Anode.

44- What is a MULTI air conditioner?

Term used to classify an Air Conditioner, consisting of several indoor units for a single outdoor unit.

15- What is a SPLIT or MONOSPLIT air conditioner?

Term used to classify an air conditioner, consisting of an indoor unit and outdoor unit.

26- Does Air Conditioning Need Maintenance?

Yes, like all appliances in general. The most important thing that should be carried out regularly is the cleaning of the biological air filter.
With a dirty and saturated filter we reduce the ability to cool or heat the environment by increasing the electrical consumption of the appliance.
It is advised once a year to clean and disinfect the indoor unit.

37- How do I calculate the power of the appliance that best suits my needs?

Depending on the area to be climatized, and several factors to take into account, so you can fine tune the calculation, we can say that in a rough way: for a normal right foot divide the area to be climatized by 2 and multiply by 1000,
Room 18m2 / 2à 9x1000 = 9000Btu's; Room 32m2 / 2 to 16x1000 = 16000Btu's (in this case the correct option was 18000Btu's most of the manufacturers do not have the power of 16000Btu's)
NOTE: The figures given are purely indicative and do not invalidate a request for consultation.


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